Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cabinetry Installed & Painting Begins

Front Door
*Yet to be stained

Internal Paint
*White ceilings, doors, arcs, skirts
Off White Yellowy walls, not the colour I wanted, 
I had more of a deeper colour in mind like this...

This is by Haymes, Oak Buff, 
I took this in as a reference for 
paint selection & was told 
at my colour appointment they 
had no shade simullar to this.
Was very dissapointed.

Paint by builder is only two coats sprayed so 
budget depending, it could do with a re-paint anyways!

Bathroom Vanity

*Overheads will be done after handover incorporating a hanging rail.
The opposite side is emply space that I get to decide what 
cabinetry hubby can make for me! Definately will include some built in 
hamper draws. When he draws up the design I will post it.

Ensuite Vanity 
*Will change to end cupboards into draws and install a mini pull out bin :)

 Kitchen xoxo

*through to laundry, WIP to left

Undermount sink I LOVE YOU!

*Altering cupboards either side of cooker to Innotech soft close draws


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