Friday, March 23, 2012

Brick Work

Bricking had begun Friday and considering how bad the weather was yesterday we were pleasantly surprised with how much was done.

Austral Urban One - Nougat - Rolled off white mortar

I posted earlier about the doubt we had in the bricks we chose, particularly the sample we had from our colour appointment being quiet awful, so it was a relief today to see them looking so good! Only one section of brickwork had the mortar appearing dry and the off white colour showed up the bricks perfect.  

It is still my opinion and lesson learnt never to chose a painted brick again. 

Buyer beware, imperfections or chips show up as orange. 

So far we have very few of these imperfections, our fingers are crossed for the rest of the brick work.

In pictures below the mortar was still wet looking so it will appear darker until it drys out completely. 

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